So, what’s all this, then?
The Killer Dish! It’s a food blog. To be more precise, it’s a Phoenix-based food blog wherein every post focuses on a single killer dish.

That’s it? One dish?
Yes, but it aims to treat each dish as a springboard to talk about everything that goes into making that dish awesome — what techniques the chef employs, what culinary traditions have influenced the dish, whether a local grower is supplying some fabulous key ingredient — that kind of thing. In this way, it’s about more than just the dish, but everything leads back to what makes the dish fabulous.

First, to help get the word out about great dishes, restaurants, chefs, growers, and other food-related folks who deserve attention, primarily in and around Phoenix metro, but elsewhere as well. Second, and perhaps even more importantly, to educate a little bit along the way. And also because I’m incapable of shutting up about food.

I heard that. Who are you, anyway?
Dominic Armato. I’ve been blogging about food since 2005 (well, 1997 if you count that very first restaurant website, but I’ll take those files to my grave). My previous blog, Skillet Doux, was a finalist in Saveur Magazine’s 2011 Food Blog Awards, and it was named Best Food Blog in Phoenix by the Phoenix New Times in 2012. I also operate a Phoenix-based community food discussion site called PHXfoodnerds, and I help to moderate another community food discussion site, LTH Forum, back in my hometown of Chicago.

So you’re kind of into this online food thing?
A little, yeah.

Hey, I had this awesome dish you should try!
I’d love to! I can’t promise I’ll blog about it, but I’m always looking for awesome dishes. You can send me suggestions on the Contact page. Link’s always at the top. Or if you want to trade notes with some food-obsessed folks, check out PHXfoodnerds. It’s an incredible resource and a wonderful, tight-knit community.

So do you get a bunch of free food?
Nope… I pay for it all. Gotta keep things on the up-and-up. Plus, these people work hard. Really hard. Probably way harder than you think. The least I can do is pay them for the food they make.

Well, you make money off the site, right?
Nope. No ads. No revenue. Just a hobby.

So why do you do this, again?
Because I love it. Because I want to help get the word out about great restaurants. Because I want to try to do my part to help make the local food scene all it can be.

So you’re not quite right.

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