New Home!

The Killer Dish isn’t going anywhere.

…in the sense that it isn’t going away, I mean, though it is moving. I launched The Killer Dish just barely over a year ago, and whoa buddy, has it been a crazy year. I designed and launched a new blog, researched and wrote a number of posts about some fabulous dishes, caught on with Phoenix Magazine for a spell, and as of this past Wednesday, it’s official:

I’m joining Republic Media as the new dining critic for the Arizona Republic and

The bad news is that I have to leave behind this lovely little blog of which I’m so proud. The good news is that I’m not the only one who thinks The Killer Dish is a killer format. My new colleagues over at the Republic are just as enamored of it as I am, and though we’ll need a little time to hammer out how best to make the transition, The Killer Dish will continue over in my new home. And the best part is that with this move, a whole world of possibilities are on the table (they, uh… have a few more resources to work with than I did).

This has been an enormous amount of fun. Thanks to everybody who supported this project, and especially to the chefs who took the time out of their typically insane chef schedules to spend a couple of hours with a big ol’ food geek like me.

Thankfully, there’s no need for any kind of maudlin, drawn out goodbyes, because we’re just taking a few hops over to a new IP address, and before long there will be Killer Dishes aplenty over at

See you over there!

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